Keeping Everyone Entertained At Your Reception

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Your reception event wraps up your wedding – the night itself, and all of your efforts to plan your event. As you work out the details of this celebration, you can look forward to hosting a night filled with tasty food, refreshing drinks, and enough entertainment to keep spirits high until your night comes to an end. While some couples prefer more spirited reception events than others, it is safe to assume that your guests expect a festive atmosphere. Your venue space gives you access to a spacious, accommodating reception area. You can ensure the night is a success by selecting the right music, making time for popular traditions, and taking the time to thank all of your guests for their attendance.

The Right Music Can Keep Everyone In A Celebratory Mood

You can decide between a traditional live band, or a live DJ to handle your music needs. Both have their strengths – a band can feel more formal, while a DJ has access to a wider variety of music, including current hit songs. Your budget can obviously influence your choice, but you should also try to think about your guest list, and what kind of music the people you invite are most likely to respond to. You should be careful about trying to save money by using a streaming service and simply letting songs play on their own. A person responsible for music can seamlessly switch to a particular song for a planned moment, and they can vary their music choices to best entertain your guests.

Working Traditional Moments Into Your Reception

You should make time for you and your guests to unwind, mingle, dance, and simply have fun at your reception. With that said, you should also have set times in mind for traditional moments like your first dance, your bouquet toss, your cake cutting, and other events. If you have a wedding coordinator, make sure they know when these events will take place, and keep them in communication with the person in charge of music.

Take The Time To Have Fun At Your Reception, Too!

Your wedding may be “your day,” but your reception can feel more like your responsibility as you check in on guests, and engage in the traditional reception activities. You may want to incorporate unstructured time for the bride and groom in your reception planning. That way, you can have a moment to properly enjoy this great event you have been working so hard to plan!

Texas Old Town Can Give You A Great Space For Your Reception

Texas Old Town is proud to provide a premiere Austin wedding venue for couples! We have stunning ceremony spaces in the Texas Hill Country, as well as inviting reception areas where you can toast to your married life! To find out more, or to set up a tour of our Kyle, TX event venue, you can call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.