Making Arrangements For The End Of Your Wedding Night

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

As wonderful as your wedding day can be, it has to end sometime. Fortunately, you can make sure the plans are in place to exit your event with style, and with the enthusiastic support of your guests. Traditionally, guests will line up on either side of the bride and groom, and cheer on their departure. From there, you can make arrangements for a special ride to whisk you off to wherever you and your spouse plan to spend your night. Of course, there is more to planning the end of your night than just your exit. You will also have to put plans in place to have gifts and other items that you leave behind taken from your venue.

What Should We Do For Transportation When We Leave Our Reception?

While you are free to take your own car as you leave your reception, many couples are excited to end their night by entering a limousine, or rented luxury vehicle. Our vendors list includes transportation services you can work with, to ensure that you complete your night with a truly stylish departure!

Enjoying A Special Send-Off From Your Guests During Your Formal Exit

A formal exit from your wedding, with guests lined up to offer their farewells, can create great images for your wedding photos, and it can be a touching way to say goodbye to everyone who took part in your special day. While couples were often showered with rice as they made their way out of their reception area, this practice has largely lost favor, as it creates a mess, and it can pose a slipping hazard. Instead, look for alternatives that are visually compelling, and limit the creation of a frustrating mess. Having guests wave glow sticks, or blow bubbles at the happy couple, can look great in pictures, and it can be a fun final moment for your wedding!

Making Sure Your Reception Area Is Cleaned Up At The End Of The Night

While the happy couple is expected to leave in style, others – typically family and wedding party members – can stick around to make sure everything is properly cleaned and gathered. With an All-Inclusive Wedding Package, you can have hired help on hand to assist with the breakdown and cleaning of your reception area. Even with this support, you should have people who are in charge of picking up any wedding gifts brought to you, as well as decorative pieces and unopened bottles of alcohol that remain.

You Can Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Wonderful Texas Old Town Wedding Event!

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