Month: May 2019

How The Date And Time Can Affect Your Wedding

Your chosen date and time for your wedding can be surprisingly important to your event. Because so many people associate the spring and summer months as the conventional time for a wedding to take place, dates around this period can be more open. You can also find that more vendors are available for your wedding… Read more »

Your Ushers Can Provide Key Support On Your Wedding Day

While there are many important responsibilities that have to be addressed on your wedding day, your attention can be trained on your personal preparations. You and your bridesmaids should feel free to dedicate yourselves to dressing, and having any planned hair and makeup services done. So what can you do to make sure your ceremony… Read more »

Should Your Wedding Be All-Ages, Or Adults Only?

When it comes to guests with kids, how inviting should you really be when you send out your invitations? For some couples, a wedding feels incomplete without full families in attendance, which means they have to account for children in their guest list. For others, a proper wedding experience is one that keeps the affair… Read more »

Should You Establish A Dress Code For Your Guests?

With your decorations, your entertainment, and your food and drink options, you can carefully create a wedding atmosphere that suits you. We provide inviting venue spaces you can use to create a more informal event, or something more refined. Ideally, your guests will come dressed for your occasion. Formality is not the only consideration for… Read more »

Planning The Toast At Your Wedding Reception

While you are sure to receive many well wishes over the course of your wedding reception, your wedding toast encourages everyone to congratulate you and your partner on your marriage. Traditionally, champagne glasses are distributed to your guests just before toasts are given. However, there is no reason you have to hold onto this custom…. Read more »

Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package Can Make Planning Easier

What can you do to make sure you have the time, and the energy, to properly plan your wedding? Giving yourself time to properly prepare for everything can help, but you may find it hard to make room in your schedule for the work required to bring your dream wedding to life. Texas Old Town… Read more »

The Importance Of Communication During Wedding Planning

Over the course of wedding planning, you will have plenty of people you want to stay in touch with. You want to make it easy for you and your wedding party to interact, and you should make sure your guests have all the information they need when your wedding day draws close. You should also… Read more »

Planning Your Wedding Decorations Around Your Venue

If you need inspiration for your wedding colors, your decorative theme, or any other matter related to the look of your ceremony and reception spaces, just take a closer look at your venue! Using the spaces that surround you for inspiration will give you a sense of how elaborate you need to be with your… Read more »

Hosting A Cocktail Hour Before Your Reception

It is certainly normal to have some kind of delay between the end of your wedding ceremony, and the start of your reception. After all, this is a great time for family photos, and pictures with the bride and groom. While this gap in activities can be expected, you can understandably worry about your guests’… Read more »

Deciding On Shoes For The Bride And Groom

Depending on the bridal gown you choose to wear, your shoes may receive little attention during your wedding day. This does not mean that footwear is not something to concern yourself with. Even if they are rarely visible in pictures, and hard to see while you stand at the altar, people will see them. It… Read more »