Should You Establish A Dress Code For Your Guests?

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With your decorations, your entertainment, and your food and drink options, you can carefully create a wedding atmosphere that suits you. We provide inviting venue spaces you can use to create a more informal event, or something more refined. Ideally, your guests will come dressed for your occasion. Formality is not the only consideration for them to make – your outdoor ceremony can call for seasonally appropriate choices, too. With that said, people tend to feel more comfortable when they feel their clothing decisions are well-suited to their event. Should you dictate a wedding dress code to your guests to help with this? Your guests can be glad to know your preference for wedding attire, as it can help them select what to wear. With that said, trying to enforce a dress code can be difficult.

Creating Your Ideal Wedding Atmosphere

You can have a strong sense of what wedding atmosphere you want to maintain based on your choice in the look of your ceremony and reception spaces, and your reception dinner. The style choices you make for yourself, your partner, and your wedding party can also contribute to the sense of how formal or informal your special day is meant to be. Communicating this preference clearly can help you with your wedding vendors, who can set aside suggestions that do not fit your goals for your event. You should also try to make your preference clear to your guests, so they are aware of what to expect.

Sharing Your Attire Preferences With Your Guests

Your wedding guests care about you, and people are generally more comfortable in a situation where they feel appropriately dressed. In other words, you should feel comfortable communicating your attire preference to people. You can include a reference on your wedding invitations, stating if you prefer black tie, formal dress, or more casual clothing. You can add details on your wedding website, and gently remind people to be prepared to spend time outdoors. One thing you should consider is that if your wedding is meant to be more formal, and you have people who may need to find the right outfits, giving them extra time to find something to wear can be appreciated.

Be Prepared To Answer Guests’ Questions

While your attire preferences can be clear to you, they may be less so to your guests. No matter how specific you are in what you share, expect to have a few questions. Communicating in more detail with your family members and wedding party members can prepare them to answer questions on your behalf. While it may be tempting to nudge people towards your website when they have questions, keep in mind that they may have had trouble navigating the page, or may have lingering questions after visiting it.

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