Should Your Wedding Be All-Ages, Or Adults Only?

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

When it comes to guests with kids, how inviting should you really be when you send out your invitations? For some couples, a wedding feels incomplete without full families in attendance, which means they have to account for children in their guest list. For others, a proper wedding experience is one that keeps the affair adults-only. Choosing to ask people to leave their kids at home can free up space to invite more people to your event, it can reduce concerns about your menu not being suitable for young palates, and it can help encourage a more festive atmosphere in the evening. Having kids in attendance can mean having young family members on hand, and it can make attendance easier for guests with children.

What To Expect When Guests Bring Kids

If you welcome children at your wedding, you may want to consider how this affects your plans for your reception dinner. Your caterer can make suggestions for food choices that excite younger guests, so you do not have to worry about kids going hungry, or complaining to their parents. As you plan your seating chart, look for ways to keep kids near each other, so they have others to interact with. You can even set up a special table designated just for your young guests, so that they have a space where they can have fun while their parents mingle and dance.

Communicating Your Preference For A Child-Free Wedding

If you prefer to host a child-free wedding, you may run into questions or concerns from guests who have children. Remember that any exception you make with your rule can potentially lead to hurt feelings, or accusations of unfairness. You should also take care to be as specific as possible in your invitations, and indicate explicitly that your event is adults-only. While some people might be disappointed in your choice, other guests can be glad to discover that they can drink, dance, and socialize without kids present.

Tips For Working With Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl

If you make your wedding adults only, it can be difficult to include a ring bearer and flower girl. It would be uncomfortable to ask their parents to take them away after the ceremony, and they may struggle to enjoy themselves with no other kids around. If your wedding is all-ages, and you want to make a ring bearer and flower girl part of your experience, be patient with them during your rehearsal – if you use a younger child in either role, it can be helpful to have their parent nearby, or in your wedding party. Despite the suggestion of the title, you do not have to give the ring bearer the real rings – fake rings can work just as well, and your best man can hold the real ones until they are needed.

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