Tips To Help You Stock The Bar At Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Alaa Marzouk Photography

While your guests can certainly be glad to find a well-stocked bar at your wedding reception, the task of setting up your bar service may feel challenging. While Texas Old Town provides you with a designated vendor for your bar service, you will need to make plans around what to serve, and how much you need, while making sure you follow the appropriate bar service guidelines. While purchasing drinks can be expensive, and the process can be confusing at times, smart planning can lead to great results. You can find calculators online to help you figure out how much you need to buy, and you can discuss returns with your supplier, in case you find yourself with leftovers.

Determining How Much Alcohol You Really Need

Several drink calculators can be found online, which you can use to form an estimate of what you will need to purchase. Of course, you should be ready to tweak those numbers based on what you want for your wedding experience, and what you expect of your guests. For example, if many of your friends and family members do not drink, counting them in your beverage estimates can be misleading. You should also take care to plan purchases of champagne if you want to host an official wedding toast.

Your Vendor Can Provide Rules And Guidelines To Help You Plan Your Bar Service

Your bar service vendor has guidelines you should follow as you plan your drink selection, and determine how much support your bar will really need. It is important to review these rules before you start making your own decisions about what to do with your bar, as you may run into needless conflicts. You can also find that by following these guidelines, you have an easier time working out the details of your beverage service!

What Do We Do With Leftover Drinks?

What should you do if you have bottles of alcohol left at the end of the night? Many stores that handle beverage orders for weddings and other events can allow for the return of some drinks. With that said, you may find that you have some items that are not returnable, or are only partly full, which can wind up with you! Make sure the people who help break down your reception area at the end of the night are aware that they should check on the bar, so bottles are not left behind.

Texas Old Town Can Give You A Wonderful Space To Host Your Reception!

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