Month: June 2019

How Bold Should My Wedding Colors Be?

When it comes to planning your wedding decorations, few choices will help shape the event’s overall look like your wedding colors. Your wedding colors play a part in highlighting the formality of your celebration, and they allow you to establish a theme. If you want to have a formal wedding experience, subtle color choices can… Read more »

Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Wedding Setting

When you plan an outdoor wedding ceremony, you can create a magical, picturesque experience for yourself and your partner. All of our outdoor wedding venues are surrounded by the lush Texas Hill Country environment, certainly a stunning backdrop for any couple interested in incorporating nature in their celebration. If you have questions or concerns about… Read more »

Picking The Right People For Your Wedding Party

Your partner is not the only person you ask to join you at the altar – both of your will likely have a select group of friends and family members standing with you in your wedding party. You have control over how many people you want to include in your wedding party, just as you… Read more »

Should You Make Dress Shopping A Formal Event?

While some brides inherit a family gown, many will need to go out in search of their ideal wedding dress. This is obviously an important step in your wedding preparations, and it is one that can be time-consuming. To make sure they select the best dress, many brides-to-be will enlist a few people to join… Read more »

Preparing Everything Before Your Ceremony Starts

Fitting in time to plan your wedding will obviously be important. You will have to make time to meet with vendors, to make important decisions about your decorations, what to wear, and how to arrange seating during your reception, just to name a few big responsibilities. While pre-wedding planning is vital to your event, you… Read more »

Arranging Your Tour Of Our Venue Spaces

The time you spend looking at a prospective venue is about more than just picking the right location, or going over details about its size and amenities. When you tour the venue spaces available at Texas Old Town, you can also start to think about the overall look of your wedding, and what you can… Read more »

Creating A Beautiful Rustic Wedding Experience

Our ceremony and reception venues can work wonderfully for many different wedding styles. With that said, couples are often inspired by our Texas Hill Country surroundings, and look forward to using these settings to inspire rustic wedding decorations. A rustic wedding, while typically less formal than a traditional event, can have a truly inspired look… Read more »

Providing Snacks At The Right Time During Your Wedding

Couples are obviously expected to serve up some kind of meal during the reception, and it can be hard to picture a wedding without a wedding cake. While these offerings are expected, some people take an extra step, and provide snacks to their wedding guests at least once during their celebration. Snacks can be served… Read more »

Make Sure You Select Vendors Who Understand What You Want

Your friends and family – particularly those in your wedding party – will have big parts to play in making your wedding a success. Of course, some of the most important contributions will come from people you may have never met before. A successful wedding can call for the support of many different vendors. You… Read more »

Tips For Making Your Dance Floor A Popular Destination

While there is no single “correct” way for people to have fun at a festive event, a packed dance floor is often a good sign that a gathering is going particularly well. You can count on your Texas Old Town reception venue to accommodate your guests, with room available for plenty of dancing. Of course,… Read more »