3 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Daytime Wedding

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

Many couples are deciding that a daytime wedding can better suit their needs, and their style preferences. By moving up the time of their event, they can create a different feel for their celebration – this can be particularly beneficial to those who want to host a more intimate, and less formal, wedding. Even your choice in wedding colors can be influenced by the decision to host a daytime wedding! Choosing to host your wedding in a less common season, day of the week, or time of day can also have practical advantages, as wedding vendors are more likely to be free. You can find that all of our outdoor ceremony venue spaces look truly gorgeous in the daylight.

1. Host A Reception Brunch

If the time of your reception changes, then you can certainly feel that a different meal can be appropriate. For couples who want to host a more casual event, a wedding brunch can be a fun and different approach to celebrating. Your food choices can consist of more breakfast favorites, and your dessert options can include delicious pastries, doughnuts, and other morning treats! This rising trend is a great way to change up people’s expectations for what a wedding can be, and it can encourage exciting menu choices.

2. Create A Relaxed, Informal Atmosphere

Simply put, a formal wedding event is great for many couples, but this can be far from what some couples desire. If you want to make it clear that your gathering is meant to be more relaxed, laid-back, and intimate, moving your start time from the evening to the daytime can help make that clear. Daytime weddings tend to have more casual attire, particularly as the weather can be warmer, so lighter clothing can be more comfortable. It can also change expectations for how elaborate the reception entertainment will be, how much people drink, and what you serve.

3. Offer Up Different Drink And Dessert Options

Drink and dessert choices can be tailored to your daytime wedding, to help make the most of your event. For your bar service, few beverages are as suitable for daytime as mimosas, particularly if you plan on doing a brunch-style meal for your reception. You can also feature tasty dessert alternatives to cake by offering up doughnuts, pastries, and other sweets people tend to enjoy during breakfast.

Talk To Texas Old Town About Hosting A Daytime Wedding

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