3 Things You Should Know About Thank-You Notes

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

While much of your wedding’s success will depend on the planning and work you and your partner put into the event, it is worth noting that your guests will play a large part in making the event a success. Your union is a special moment in your life, and it is made better by having important people in your life on hand to witness it! Couples are expected to send out thank-you notes to everyone who attended their wedding. What can you do to make sure you show just how appreciative you are of everyone’s support and attendance? The quality of your thank-you note will depend in part on how nice it is, but giving them a personal touch will be truly important.

1. Make Sure You Personalize Each Note!

Adding a hand-written note in every card may seem like a considerable amount of work. You may not look forward to working your way through these cards, but you should take advantage of this custom to share a personal message with everyone who attended your wedding. Referencing any gifts you were given by guests can help you express your gratitude. You should also focus on the relationship you have to the person, or family, receiving your card.

2. Save Everyone’s Addresses When You Prepare Your Invitations

How can you make the process of sending thank-you notes easier? If you want to clear up any confusion about where everything is being sent, make sure you save the addresses you collected when sending out your invitations. This removes any need to track down where to send all of your cards, though you should check in on anyone you know of who moved since sending your cards.

3. You Can Use Wedding Photos To Craft Your Thank-You Notes

You can put a personal touch on more than just your handwritten notes when you send out your thank-you cards! Many couples have found that a wedding photo, or a collage of photos taken at their event, can make a perfect cover for their notes! While a formal portrait of the bride and groom can work well in this situation, adding a mix of formal and fun images can help to reproduce the experience of your wedding day.

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