Arranging Your Tour Of Our Venue Spaces

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

The time you spend looking at a prospective venue is about more than just picking the right location, or going over details about its size and amenities. When you tour the venue spaces available at Texas Old Town, you can also start to think about the overall look of your wedding, and what you can do with your particular setting. Because we offer couples the opportunity to wed while surrounded by the natural beauty of Texas Hill Country, you can look forward to a celebration in a stunning, natural environment. Of course, your questions about size and support still matter. We offer venues that can accommodate larger events, and more intimate affairs. We also offer generous standard amenities, in addition to extra support with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package.

Providing Spaces For Different Wedding Sizes

One of the most important concerns you should have when it comes to your wedding is making sure you can fit all of the guests you expect to see. Because our venue spaces come in different sizes, you can select a particular spot that can hold all of your guests. One important note is to look for a space that can handle the full guest list, not how many people you expect to actually attend. Leaving open room is certainly preferable to committing to a space that simply lacks space for everyone!

Using Your Venue Tour For Inspiration

As you look at our venue spaces, you can start thinking about your wedding colors, the theme of your wedding, and the look you want for your special day. While many people have ideas about decorating their wedding in place before they start looking for a venue, being in your chosen spot can help with your inspiration. It can also lead to new inspirations, as you start to imagine yourself in your venue.

You Can Also Use Our Venue For Photos!

We can do more than just host your wedding itself. We have welcomed many couples who wanted to take engagement and proposal photos, as well as bridal portraits, at our venue. By reserving time for your session, you can enjoy a gorgeous backdrop for these lovely photos!

Talk To Texas Old Town About Setting Up Your Tour Of Our Venue!

Texas Old Town is ready to welcome you on a tour of our venue spaces! You can use that time to learn more about us, and our generous amenities, while you also start imagining how you want your event to look. In addition to hosting weddings, we also provide space for people who want to host special events and corporate events. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.