Creating A Beautiful Rustic Wedding Experience

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

Our ceremony and reception venues can work wonderfully for many different wedding styles. With that said, couples are often inspired by our Texas Hill Country surroundings, and look forward to using these settings to inspire rustic wedding decorations. A rustic wedding, while typically less formal than a traditional event, can have a truly inspired look to it that wows your guests. This style also encourages DIY decorations, so you can personalize your wedding with handmade products, antiques, and other items that set your event apart from what others are used to. If you are excited by the rustic esthetic, or feel excited to incorporate DIY projects into your special day, your Texas Old Town space can be the perfect location for you!

What Gives A Wedding A Rustic Look?

When people think of rustic weddings, they think of events that move away from traditional formality, and use homespun, rural decorative choices to create a cozy, lived-in charm for their event. While these events are often less formal, your rustic wedding can have an arresting look that truly impresses everyone in attendance. You can find that with a rustic wedding, common items can be dressed up, and effective at giving your event a unique beauty.

Using DIY Wedding Decorations

For many couples, the right approach to decorating a rustic wedding is one that incorporates different DIY decorative pieces. Repurposed and antique items can be incorporated into your plans, and seemingly modest wood pieces can be used to great effect in setting the mood of your event. If you have relatively little practice with these kinds of craft projects, it can be smart to give yourself extra time, and to seek support from friends and family as you create your decorations.

Providing The Right Menu Options For Your Rustic Wedding

Rustic wedding decorations can make a less formal event truly stunning. It can also indicate to your guests that your event is intended to be less formal. If you want to take that relaxed approach further, think about your menu choices. A formal plated meal can feel out of place in a rustic wedding, so buffet-friendly foods can be recommended. Of course, if you prefer not to have guests leave their tables to serve themselves, you can compromise with a family-style serving approach, where each table receives their food, and sides, in portions that they can distribute between table mates.

Texas Old Town Can Offer You A Perfect Setting For Your Rustic Wedding

While Texas Old Town has hosted weddings that wildly vary in style and formality, people in search of the right space for their rustic wedding can find that we offer a perfect location. Our Texas Hill Country landscape can be an inspired setting for rustic and DIY-centered decorations, and we can provide the amenities and space you need to host a truly successful event. To schedule a tour of our venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.