How Bold Should My Wedding Colors Be?

Professional Photo By: Geoff Duncan Photography

When it comes to planning your wedding decorations, few choices will help shape the event’s overall look like your wedding colors. Your wedding colors play a part in highlighting the formality of your celebration, and they allow you to establish a theme. If you want to have a formal wedding experience, subtle color choices can make your ceremony and reception spaces feel elegant and sophisticated. If you want your event to be a vibrant, laid-back experience where friends and family can relax and have fun, consider choosing a color scheme that demands attention. All of our venue spaces can serve well for formal and informal gatherings. During your scheduled tour, you can draw inspiration from your surroundings to make your wedding color selections.

Your Colors Help Shake The Look Of Your Wedding

When you pick your wedding colors, you create a unifying theme for your decorations that can tie your wedding together. In some cases, a color scheme can be the dominant theme in an event’s decorations! It is important to have an idea of what colors you intend to use before you and your decorator start outlining the look of your ceremony and reception. You can give everyone a preview of your wedding colors by featuring them in your wedding invitations.

Should I Use Vibrant Or Muted Colors?

Questions concerning how varied, how bold, and how strong your color choices should be will be answered when you determine what you want the tone of your wedding to be. If you want to have a fun and dressed-down wedding, a variety of vibrant colors can subtly encourage people to relax and have a blast while they celebrate your love. If you have dreamed of a more sophisticated soiree, you can make more conservative selections to establish a sense of formality.

Finding Opportunities To Showcase Your Wedding Colors

When you know what colors to feature, you will narrow down what you might purchase for your floral arrangements. The flower arrangements you use for centerpieces, boutonnieres, and corsages all add color to your venue. Selecting more colors will allow you to pick more flowers for these arrangements, so you add more variety in these pieces. The style choices for your bridesmaids and groomsmen can also depend on your wedding colors, as they can be featured prominently or subtly in what they wear.

Enjoy A Wonderful, Colorful Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town!

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