Picking The Right People For Your Wedding Party

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

Your partner is not the only person you ask to join you at the altar – both of your will likely have a select group of friends and family members standing with you in your wedding party. You have control over how many people you want to include in your wedding party, just as you have control over who you ask to join it. Typically, the people you are closest to will make up your bridesmaids and groomsmen, but you may want to consider how well different people will do in these roles, and if it is feasible for them to fully take part in the experience. For instance, a good friend who lives far away from you may be touched by the offer, but unable to commit to much beyond the wedding itself.

How Many People Should You Have In Your Wedding Party?

The size of the “typical” wedding party can vary greatly, but you may want to take inspiration from your wedding size. If you plan on enjoying a more relaxed and intimate wedding, keeping your wedding party small can feel more appropriate. For a larger wedding, a larger wedding party can feel more appropriate. With that said, the ultimate decision is yours to make – if you are having trouble narrowing down your choices, you may want to expand the number of people you pick. If you feel that a small group is more in line with what you want, even though you have a larger guest list, stick with what you prefer.

Pick People You Can Depend On For Pre-Wedding Support

For bridesmaids in particular, being part of a wedding party means being involved in pre-wedding events. While family members often take the lead in planning events like your engagement shower or bridal shower, your bridesmaids can have roles in preparing these events. Of course, groomsmen do have one important event to prepare for – the bachelor party. While you can certainly choose someone who is close to you to be a part of your event – even if they have limited availability – you can certainly find yourself grateful for those wedding party members who are available to help make your engagement period easier!

Selecting Clothing For Your Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

Choosing a single outfit for a group of people – who likely vary in shape, size, and style preferences – can be tough. You can make this part of your planning easier by simply looking for an outfit that has broad appeal, and fits with the look of your wedding. Good wedding party members should understand that the choice of what to wear is up to you, not them. If you want to provide some variety for your bridesmaids, you may choose to dictate a certain color or style of dress, and let them choose different varieties of gowns within the guidelines you have set.

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