Providing Snacks At The Right Time During Your Wedding

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Couples are obviously expected to serve up some kind of meal during the reception, and it can be hard to picture a wedding without a wedding cake. While these offerings are expected, some people take an extra step, and provide snacks to their wedding guests at least once during their celebration. Snacks can be served along with drinks during a cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception, or you can greet your guests with something to nibble on as they enter and take their seats. While this is not a requirement, it can be especially useful when your wedding occurs later in the evening, and guests are being asked to put off dinner.

Should We Offer Snacks Before The Ceremony?

While the bride is typically not on hand to say hello to all of the guests when they arrive, you can take steps to warmly welcome everyone with treats. Light refreshments can be a good start to a later wedding, as people can have an easier time remaining focused during your ceremony if they are not thinking about how hungry they are, and how impatient they are for your reception meal. This can also be a nice offering if you plan on serving a lighter meal.

Providing Snacks During Your Cocktail Hour

If you are not planning to do a first look, you may want to arrange for a more involved cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception. Light appetizers, along with a small selection of drinks from the bar, can be well-received by the people waiting for your evening to continue. Even if you do take first look photos with your wedding photographer before your event, having some refreshments out before the reception can be recommended, as you will still want to take family photos.

Choosing The Right Foods To Fit Your Wedding Atmosphere

Typically, the caterer you hire to serve your reception meal will handle any appetizers or pre-wedding snacks, so you will not have to worry about these light offerings clashing with your meals. In fact, you can let your caterer know that this is something you want, and work out a menu that accounts for the type of snacks, and their impact on your guests’ appetites. One thing to remember is that with an outdoor ceremony, the type of food offered up for snacks can be more appreciated if they help provide some relief from the temperatures. Light, refreshing items can be popular during a spring or summer wedding, while something warming and nourishing can be more suitable if you host a winter wedding.

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