Reciting Your Own Vows? These Tips Can Help!

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

Many couples choose to share personalized vows, instead of sticking with tradition. By making this choice, you can craft a promise to your partner that feels more honest in terms of your relationship, and your shared goals. For some people, writing and reciting custom vows will feel natural, but it can be difficult to open up in this way, and with so many people you are close to on hand. Take time to look at examples of custom vows other couples have written, and practice reciting your vows out loud before the day of your wedding. You should also feel comfortable discussing your work with your partner. While you should keep the text of your vows secret, you can help each other with encouragement, and see what kind of tone you each feel will be appropriate.

Make Sure You Practice Your Vows!

How much public speaking experience do you have? How often have those public speaking moments been at an event as significant as your wedding? No matter how comfortable you are with the idea of sharing your vows, the emotions behind the moment itself can make it more difficult. Give yourself time to practice your vows while you work out what you want to say, and after you have them completed. You do not have to memorize them, but being comfortable with the words written can be important when you are at the altar.

Talk About Your Vows With Your Partner

Should you feel like you have to share what you are working with your partner? No – you can certainly surprise them with the vows you create. However, you two can support each other with the task of writing something personal, and with any nerves either of you might have about reciting them. It can also be a good idea to gauge what each of you wants to do in terms of tone, if you want to keep your vows consistent.

Look For Inspiration Online As You Prepare Your Vows

There are examples of vows online that you can look at, and review, for inspiration. Of course, you should strive to make the words you write as personal as possible. With that said, just as you can look at the decorations of other weddings for inspiration, you can look at other works to help inspire the vows you want to recite to your partner.

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