Month: July 2019

3 Stressful Wedding Situations We Can Help You Avoid

While you can feel great excitement over your upcoming wedding, you can be wary of situations that can lead to wedding stress. When you consider how important this celebration is, and how many people you are entertaining, you can understand why some stress is difficult to avoid. However, this does not mean there is no… Read more »

Fitting Your Staged Photos Into Your Wedding Event

A professional wedding photographer can find many moments worth preserving, which means you can look forward to a great series of pictures from your wedding ceremony and reception. While much of a photographer’s work involves capturing images of your wedding, and securing lovely photos of your guests, they can also produce great staged photos. These… Read more »

Have A Plan In Place For The End Of Your Reception

You and your guests can have so much fun at your Texas Old Town wedding that you can hope it never ends! Of course, the night will eventually draw to a close. Traditionally, a reception will end with a special farewell for the bride and groom, who may arrange for a special exit in a… Read more »

Determining Your Family’s Role In Wedding Planning

When you wed your partner, you are bringing your lives together, and you are bringing your families together. Traditionally, support from the parents – usually the bride’s parents – will help with the costs of a wedding. While this may be a common convention, it is not true in every case, and it may not… Read more »

Knowing What To Put In – And Leave Out – Of Your Invitations

When you think about what should go in your wedding invitations, you may be tempted to fit in every detail that might seem relevant for your guests. Of course, this can create a few problems. You can find it hard to keep the invitations looking nice with too much text, and you can leave in… Read more »

Our Special Amenities Can Make Your Wedding Day Easier!

While our location can certainly be enough to impress couples, and their guests, you should know that Texas Old Town also provides amenities that can make your special day easier. In addition to providing multiple venue options, and a beautiful Texas Hill Country setting, we also offer all of our couples access to suites for… Read more »

Creating Space For The Bride And Groom During The Reception

Organizing your seating chart for your wedding reception can lead to some challenges. You will have to work to avoid potential personality clashes between guests, figure out where to place attendees without dates, and find a way to mix in different groups of people. Of course, there is also the matter of what to do… Read more »

Choosing The Right People For Your Wedding Ceremony

A successful wedding ceremony is about more than just saying “I do” in front of friends and family…though, of course, that part is certainly important! With our Texas Hill Country setting, you can enjoy a gorgeous ceremony experience. To make sure the event is truly a positive experience, you should have the right people in… Read more »

3 Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun

How excited are you to have fun during your wedding reception? This is the opportunity for your guests to help you celebrate your relationship, and it serves as a magical moment where you can finally enjoy this grand even you have been planning! On top of our picturesque outdoor ceremony settings, Texas Old Town provides… Read more »

Should You Plan A Small Wedding, Or Go For Something Bigger?

Creating the perfect wedding atmosphere is about more than just your decorations, or your music. The size of your guest list can have a real impact on your overall wedding experience. After all, it can be difficult to pull of an “intimate” wedding experience when you have two hundred guests on hand to celebrate and… Read more »