Arranging Your Arrival And Departure From Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

As important as it will be to focus on every part of your wedding experience, there are a few important arrangements that happen just before, and just after, the event itself. Arranging your arrival and departure from your wedding in advance can make the day itself easier, and it allows you to arrange an exit that is memorable for all in attendance. If you want to end the evening with style to spare, hiring a limousine, or arranging a luxury car rental, can be a great choice. If you decide to take this path, see if you can arrange for transportation to the venue at the start of your day, or make sure you have a way to return to your cars later.

We Offer Venue Access For Sixteen Hours, So You Can Arrive Well Before Your Ceremony Starts

Because we offer sixteen hours of venue access as part of our standard amenities package, you will have plenty of time to show up, settle into the bridal and groom’s suites, and begin arranging everything for your celebration. This can make your preparations easier, as everyone in your wedding party will have the time, and space, to dress for the ceremony, and ensure that everything is set up before guests arrive. This also gives you plenty of time to take first look photos, if this is something you decide to do.

Arranging Transportation At The End Of Your Night

Finding a professional limousine service, or a luxury car service, will allow you to end the evening with a stylish ride home, or to the hotel where you are staying for the night. If you decide to pursue this as an option for the end of your night, make sure arrangements are in place so your guests have time to line up and send you off when your ride comes!

Make Sure Someone Is Responsible For Collecting Gifts And Other Items You Need To Save!

Because couples tend to end the reception with a ride service, there can be a question of what to do with the gifts people bring, as well as any decorations or other items that belong to you. Have a wedding party member or family member in charge of collecting these items, as well as any alcohol that might be left for you, so there is no question of who has what. You can ask more than one person to contribute if a larger number of items need to be moved, but having a single person overseeing who takes what can make it easier for you to pick everything up later.

Enjoy An Amazing Austin Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town!

While you can arrange a great transportation service for the end of your night, you may have a hard time leaving your Texas Old Town wedding! We are proud to offer couples the opportunity to wed while surrounded by the natural beauty of Texas Hill Country, and we can provide great amenities to make your special day easier. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.