Choosing The Right People For Your Wedding Ceremony

Professional Photo By: Alaa Marzouk Photography

A successful wedding ceremony is about more than just saying “I do” in front of friends and family…though, of course, that part is certainly important! With our Texas Hill Country setting, you can enjoy a gorgeous ceremony experience. To make sure the event is truly a positive experience, you should have the right people in place. Your officiant will lead everyone through the events, and help create the right atmosphere for your exchange of vows. The bridesmaids and groomsmen at your side are also important to capturing the significance of this moment. Of course, not every job will be handled by adults – you can also add a precious moment to your procession with your flower girl and ring bearer.

Selecting An Officiant To Stand With You At The Altar

You may already have a clear idea of who you want to officiate your wedding based on your faith, your personal history, or from a family connection. If you are not sure who you want in this place, many couples will ask a close friend – particularly one comfortable with public speaking – to serve in this role. While documented approval is needed for someone to serve in this capacity, the role can certainly go to a person you feel close to, and who has a firm understanding of your relationship, rather than a professional.

Finding A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl

Ring bearers and flower girls can provide an adorable moment at your wedding ceremony, but preparing them for their roles can be tricky, depending on their age. Spending time with them during your wedding rehearsal can be important – of everyone involved in your ceremony, they are likely to have the most trouble executing their roles. For the role of flower girl, couples will sometimes use a small group, meaning you can have an older and younger sister, or a set of cousins, rather than have to pick one youngster from your family. While the ring bearer has classically held both wedding rings, you can give them a stand-in ring to carry, and trust the actual rings to your best man.

How Many Wedding Party Members Should We Have?

Your wedding party size can reflect the size of your guest list – in other words, picking more people to stand with you can make sense during a larger celebration, while a smaller group can work better in a smaller wedding. You are allowed to include all the wedding party members you can fit with you at the altar. With that said, these are individuals you count on for the wedding itself, and several pre-wedding events, so picking people you feel truly comfortable with is important.

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