Creating Space For The Bride And Groom During The Reception

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Organizing your seating chart for your wedding reception can lead to some challenges. You will have to work to avoid potential personality clashes between guests, figure out where to place attendees without dates, and find a way to mix in different groups of people. Of course, there is also the matter of what to do with you and your partner! Many couples elect to set up a special sweetheart table where they can sit separate from everyone else. Other couples will create a “primary” table where they will be joined by close family members and/or the best man and maid or matron of honor.

Where Will You And Your Partner Sit During The Reception?

Would you prefer to sit apart from everyone at a sweetheart table, or are you more comfortable with more people joining you? No matter which option you choose, you may spend little time in your seats. After all, you will have many guests to thank, and mingle with, during your reception. You will also have to be out of your seats for your first dance, and your cake cutting ceremony. The sweetheart table can feel like a much-needed respite during your reception, one that will allow you and your partner to share some private time to talk. Of course, you may prefer to have close friends or family members at the table to keep people entertained when you want to enjoy a quick bite of your meal, or your cake.

Setting Up A Special Sweetheart Table For Your Reception

When you opt for a sweetheart table during your wedding reception, you can set that table up with special decorations that will help it stand out during your event. You can choose to set up a more elaborate version of the centerpieces that you use for other tables, or you can create something totally different, to help your places stand apart. While some couples want to have a more striking and opulent sweetheart table, you should not feel like you are required to do something elaborate if you prefer to keep yours simple.

Keeping The Bride And Groom With Family Or Close Friends During The Reception

You and your partner can set yourselves with both of your parents, or have a table with the two of you and your best man and maid/matron of honor (and their dates). This can help you feel like you are more embedded in the event itself, and it can save you the effort and cost of decorating a sweetheart table.

Texas Old Town Can Provide The Ideal Setting For Your Reception Experience!

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