Determining Your Family’s Role In Wedding Planning

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When you wed your partner, you are bringing your lives together, and you are bringing your families together. Traditionally, support from the parents – usually the bride’s parents – will help with the costs of a wedding. While this may be a common convention, it is not true in every case, and it may not reflect your situation. You may have more help from your groom’s parents, equal support from both sets of parents, or little to no support outside of your own efforts to pay for your special day. Just as different couples receive different levels of support financially, people can expect different levels of involvement from family when it comes to wedding planning. The input you accept or reject from your family is up to you. While you may appreciate the guidance, and opportunities to honor traditions, you may feel that there are times when you need to stick to your preferences, and decline their suggestions.

Are Your Parents Helping With Wedding Costs?

For traditional families, it can be expected that the bride’s parents will be handling the costs on the wedding day. Financial arrangements can vary from couple to couple, and you should not feel uncomfortable if your situation does not reflect tradition! Typically, when parents are more involved in funding a celebration, they can expect to have more say in matters like who to include on your guest list. They may also have certain customs they want you to uphold. Ultimately, it is important to remember that this is your special day – if you feel strongly about something that you want to do for your wedding, you should be able to say so!

Family And Friends Tend To Be Heavily Involved In Planning Pre-Wedding Events

While the bride and groom should obviously have considerable sway when it comes to planning the wedding itself, wedding party members and family members often take the lead in planning pre-wedding events. You might have certain preferences you want to express, but think of this tradition as an opportunity to focus more on the day itself! After all, you probably have plenty of matters to take care of regarding your ceremony and reception.

Creating A Wedding Experience That Fits Your Vision

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