Finding The Right Wedding Cake For Your Special Day

Professional Photo By: Ashley Nicole Affair

While it may not technically count as one of your decorations, your wedding cake is bound to be one of the most iconic images at your wedding reception. After all, the image of the tiered white cake can feel inseparable from a wedding celebration for many people! When you begin searching for the right bakery, and the right cake, you can quickly discover that there are many opportunities available if you want to do something different with your dessert. That can mean giving your cake a style that separates it from a conventional look. It can also mean adding fun dessert alternatives like a groom’s cake, or even a variety of non-cake options.

A Classic Wedding Cake Can Be A Highlight Of Your Reception

While adding decorations to your dessert table can help it fit in with your wedding reception, your cake is likely to draw most of the attention! When you find the right bakery, you can find that you have more than just a flavor of cake to choose. You can stick with a traditional tiered cake for a more elegant event, but you can also go with a more extravagant style. If you have a larger guest list, and worry about the size of a tiered cake big enough to feed everyone, you can look into other options. For example, you may have a well-decorated cake of modest size, with sheet cake out of sight that can be cut up and distributed during dessert.

Should You Provide A Groom’s Cake?

The groom’s cake is a fun way to add a second cake option, and a way to let the groom put his personal stamp on your wedding reception. Creative, fun decorations are the norm when it comes to the groom’s cake, which tends to be designed in order to highlight the groom’s personality, or his interests. While this is not a necessary addition to your reception, it has grown in popularity over time.

Give Your Guests Options At A Fun Dessert Table!

Your dessert table can certainly hold more than just your cake! Laying out different treats on your dessert table can let guests choose from different treat options. This lets people who are less interested in cake find something that is more to their liking, and it can certainly be a hit with people who simply want an excuse to enjoy more sweets! Smaller treats can be especially welcome, as people can nibble on different items without feeling overindulgent.

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