Have A Plan In Place For The End Of Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Ashley Peterson Photography

You and your guests can have so much fun at your Texas Old Town wedding that you can hope it never ends! Of course, the night will eventually draw to a close. Traditionally, a reception will end with a special farewell for the bride and groom, who may arrange for a special exit in a limousine or other vehicle. What you do in this moment is certainly up to you – many couples will use something fun, like bubbles, to help make the exit magical. Planning your departure can be fun, but you also have some practical matters to worry about. Make sure that someone is responsible for overseeing the removal of your decorations, and your gifts, after your evening wraps up, and your guests leave.

Announcing The End Of Your Night

A formal announcement that the bride and groom are about to leave is appropriate, as it ensures that everyone will be in place for your grand exit. Your wedding DJ, bandleader, or any person responsible for MC duties can handle this task, so everyone is prepared. This is one instance of many where having a person communicating the start and end of different events can be beneficial to you. After all, this is one of many situations where you want guests’ attention during your reception.

Leaving Your Reception In Style

The cheers of your guests as you depart can ensure that your night ends on the sweetest possible note. Using something like glow sticks or bubbles during the exit can create a great visual without making a mess that people have to clean up. While you can certainly choose to drive yourselves home, or to your hotel, you can find that splurging on a limousine or rented vehicle is worth indulging in, and it can be a romantic way to wrap up your night together.

Who Will Take Home Decorations And Wedding Gifts?

If you and your partner are arranging a special exit together, who will be responsible for taking home decorations, gifts, and other items? Your family and your wedding party members can work out who should go home with what without your input, but make sure you know who to contact when you need to pick up these items! If you are planning on jetting off to your honeymoon right after your wedding, you may want to keep items with parents, or siblings.

Have A Wonderful Reception Experience When You Plan An Event At Texas Old Town

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