Knowing What To Put In – And Leave Out – Of Your Invitations

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When you think about what should go in your wedding invitations, you may be tempted to fit in every detail that might seem relevant for your guests. Of course, this can create a few problems. You can find it hard to keep the invitations looking nice with too much text, and you can leave in distracting details that make it harder to notice the most relevant information. When it comes to sending out these cards, focus on making the date, time, and location as clear as possible, and leave finer points about your celebration for your wedding website. As part of our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, Texas Old Town can provide welcome assistance with your wedding invitations, while also overseeing many other vital tasks!

Make Sure Your Event Details Are Correct And Clearly Listed!

Making your invitations look their best, or focusing on answering every question that might possibly be asked about your wedding can be tempting. With that said, the function of your invites is ultimately more important than their form. In other words, a beautiful invitation that is cluttered and hard to read is not something you want to send to prospective guests! The focus of your design should be on making it as easy as possible to see the details regarding your wedding date, time, and location. You can also include details about preferred attire, and parking, but remember that your wedding website can be helpful when more detail is needed.

Include Extra Information On Your Wedding Website

Some details, while important, can be better left on your wedding website, and not on your invitations. For instance, giving guests a link for your gift registry, or providing details about preferred attire, can take up extra space, and may not be received well. Leaving these details on your wedding website can be more appropriate. Your website also allows you to share more images, and give more details about your relationship, without taking up precious room on your cards.

We Offer Invitation Help With Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package

If you would prefer to have expert help with your wedding invitations, we can talk to you about using our All-Inclusive Wedding Package. This package does include our assistance with your invitations, while also providing you with help securing services from vendors on your special day. While you can avoid the responsibilities of planning, you can be glad to know that you are able to tell us what you want from your special day, so your visions for your ceremony and reception will be preserved!

Invite Guests To A Terrific Texas Old Town Wedding!

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