Planning A Great Catered Meal For Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Holly Marie Photography

While your wedding reception is certainly about more than just the food you serve, a great meal can certainly help to make sure your guests have a positive experience at your event! The idea of planning a dinner that can satisfy all of your guests can be daunting, even before you start to account for dietary restrictions that people might have. In addition to having an idea of what you want to serve, and how you want it served, you need to find a catering company that can satisfy your preferences. If you are having trouble finding someone, check out the Texas Old Town Preferred Vendors List! You should also keep in mind that the dining experience goes beyond dinner – the right drink and dessert options are also important.

Finding The Right Caterers For Your Reception

It is important to find a caterer capable of providing the reception experience you want to provide to your guests. You should think about more than just what you might like to serve for your meal when you talk to prospective vendors. Make sure you know what you want as far as your serving options go, and be prepared to discuss dietary accommodations you will need to make for certain guests. If you are undecided about whether you want a buffet or plated meal, or if you need to provide meals that are gluten-free or vegan, you may wind up hiring someone who is not able to satisfy your needs!

Providing Great Dessert Options For Everyone

Cake cutting is a fun, popular tradition that you can certainly make the most of during your wedding. However, you are not limited to only serving cake at your wedding. Providing alternative desserts, or including a groom’s cake with your tiered cake, can add some welcome variety to your event.

Offering A Great Bar Service For Your Guests

Texas Old Town has a designated caterer for open bar service, so you will not have to go through the hassle of finding someone on your own. Make sure that you are aware of what services they provide, and that you stock your bar with the right beverages. When it comes to providing an assortment of drinks, offering different options can be appreciated. However, if you make the menu too large, it can slow down service, and leave guests waiting longer for drinks.

Host An Amazing Wedding Reception In Your Texas Old Town Venue

In addition to offering couples the chance to enjoy beautiful outdoor wedding ceremonies, we can provide guests with wonderful indoor accommodations for receptions! If you want to learn more about the amenities we provide, or if you want to explore our Texas Hill Country venue, let us know! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.