Selecting Attire That Suits Your Groom’s Style

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While the tuxedo offers a classic look for a groom at his wedding, this may be a poor fit for your groom, or for the event you want to plan. What should you do for menswear if you want to break from traditional attire? There are several factors that you can look to when it comes to making ideal style choices for the groom, and the groomsmen, who will stand at the altar. You can experiment with suits instead of classic tuxedos, explore different color choices, or select a more casual outfit to go along with a rustic wedding. While you can exercise some flexibility, one thing you should definitely do is look for a style that matches your dress, so that the two of you truly feel like a pair on your special day.

Make Sure Your Groom’s Attire Is A Good Fit For Your Wedding Style

You should have a clear idea of what you want your wedding to look like before your groom needs to make a decision regarding what to wear. The style of your special day can help you make good choices when it comes to the look of your groom’s attire. Obviously, your groom should look nice enough to feel at home at the wedding ceremony and reception. Of course, if you want to host a rustic wedding, remember that the opposite issue should be avoided – your groom should not look overdressed for his own wedding, either!

Use Your Wedding Dress To Help Inspire The Right Choice For Your Groom

You and your partner will stand together at the altar in front of your friends and family, and you will pose for plenty of pictures before your night is done. With that in mind, it should be obvious that you two should look like a matched set! This does not mean that you have to be identical, but your groom should come close to matching you in terms of style, and in terms of how formal his clothing choices are.

Selecting Attire For The Best Man And Groomsmen

The best man and groomsmen can wear attire that closely matches the groom. If the guys are wearing suits and ties, you can distinguish the groom by giving him a different jacket color, or a different tie. If the dress is more casual, placing a vest on the groom alone, giving the groom different neck wear, or having him wear a different color shirt, can help create contrast.

Celebrate Your Love In Style At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

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