Should You Plan A Small Wedding, Or Go For Something Bigger?

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

Creating the perfect wedding atmosphere is about more than just your decorations, or your music. The size of your guest list can have a real impact on your overall wedding experience. After all, it can be difficult to pull of an “intimate” wedding experience when you have two hundred guests on hand to celebrate and wish you well! A smaller wedding can be better for your budget, and it can feel more personal, but if you want a big celebration, you need plenty of people on hand. Because we offer venues with different capacities, we can help you make the most of a larger or smaller wedding! All of our settings provide you with a great view of the surrounding Texas Hill Country.

Tips For Planning A Smaller Wedding

Is a smaller wedding going to be easier to plan? You can certainly lower the cost of food and beverages when you have fewer guests, and you will have fewer people to maneuver when it comes to your seating chart. With that said, properly executing a more intimate wedding can call for you to smartly navigate the space available to you. If your guests are not likely to dance, you can feel awkward having a large dance space in your reception area. You may find that filling up the room with more decorations can lead to unexpected costs. Planning a reception with fun activities interspersed throughout the event can help keep matters lively, even if people do not dance. Doing this can limit the number of guests who trickle out early – with a smaller guest list, a relatively small group of people leaving early can significantly alter the course of your evening!

Setting Up A Celebration With More Guests

A larger wedding can be more boisterous, and more fun! It also makes it easier to fit more of the people in your life into your celebration. Of course, you will need to make sure you have enough drinks for everyone, and that your caterer is ready to feed all of your attendees. Be prepared for delays when it comes to people finding their seats, and receiving their food. While organizing your event, pay attention to the layout, and make sure your dance floor has room for everyone who might be in the mood to use it.

We Offer Different Venue Sizes To Fit Your Needs

A small and intimate affair can be exactly what you want from your wedding, but it may feel awkward to host such an event in an expansive space! Texas Old Town has different venue options for guests, so you can find the right location for your needs. We are committed to providing great accommodations to all of our guests, which means providing them with the ideal space to hold their dream wedding!

Plan Your Wedding Celebration At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town can warmly welcome you if you want to plan a smaller, more intimate wedding, and we are also prepared to help couples who want to enjoy a bigger celebration! To schedule a tour of our venue spaces in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.