Month: August 2019

Should You Make Plans To Decorate Your Altar?

How important are the decorations at your altar? When you and your partner stand in front of everyone, you can safely expect your guests’ eyes to be focused more on the two of you than on the surrounding space. With that said, the right decorations can frame you both beautifully, and create a magical scene… Read more »

Honoring Non-Immediate Family Members At Your Wedding

Your immediate family members can have key roles in your wedding. The parents of both the bride and groom often provide some financial support to the couple, and may have a hand to play in wedding planning. You can have a sibling – or siblings – join you at the altar as part of your… Read more »

Trying To Pick Your Wedding Colors? These Tips Can Help!

Few choices will shape the look of your wedding quite like your selection of wedding colors. The different colors you choose to highlight in your decorations can affect the formality of your decorations, and they can heavily influence the theme of your evening. If you want to create a cozy, autumnal vibe, rich red and… Read more »

Celebrating In Style During A Smaller, More Intimate Wedding

You can enjoy a truly grand wedding celebration with a smaller guest list! In fact, many couples prefer to limit the invitations they send out. By hosting a smaller wedding event, you can find it easier to interact with your guests, and let them know how much their attendance means to you on your special… Read more »

3 Fun Ways To Ask People To Be Your Bridesmaids

When you start planning your wedding, you can be particularly excited to select your bridesmaids, and your maid or matron of honor. After all, the people who stand with you at the altar provide important support before and at your wedding. This is also a chance to show the most important people in your life… Read more »

Make Sure You Check Out Our Bridal Fair This Sunday!

This weekend, Texas Old Town is inviting brides-to-be to come out to our special Bridal Fair event! From 2pm until 5pm this Sunday, you can learn about popular wedding trends, receive some helpful tips for planning your special day, and keep an eye out for deals on items you need for your celebration. This is… Read more »

Successfully Planning A Larger Wedding Event

When you say “I do,” you want as many people in your life to be there to hear it as possible. A larger wedding can be more lively, and your expanded guest list can help you avoid the awkward situation of having to leave certain people uninvited. Texas Old Town can provide you with venue… Read more »

Are You Struggling To Come Up With The Right Centerpieces?

Your wedding will give you plenty of opportunities to showcase your style! While you can appreciate the style of your selected Texas Old Town venue, you can still take care to personalize different spaces with added decorations. When it comes to decorating your reception area, few pieces can be as important as the centerpieces you… Read more »

Creating An Amazing Outdoor Wedding Experience

Our outdoor wedding venues can provide a gorgeous space for you and your partner to exchange vows, say “I do,” and celebrate your union among the people you love! With an outdoor setting, you can create a visual space that stands apart from more conventional locations. The open space, along with the beauty of the… Read more »

What Kind Of Support Can Your Wedding Party Provide?

When you ask someone to join your wedding party, you are showing them how important they are in your life. While these roles are reserved for people who are particularly special to you, it also gives you a chance to ask people you trust to help make your wedding a success. This does not mean… Read more »