Month: August 2019

Successfully Planning A Larger Wedding Event

When you say “I do,” you want as many people in your life to be there to hear it as possible. A larger wedding can be more lively, and your expanded guest list can help you avoid the awkward situation of having to leave certain people uninvited. Texas Old Town can provide you with venue… Read more »

Are You Struggling To Come Up With The Right Centerpieces?

Your wedding will give you plenty of opportunities to showcase your style! While you can appreciate the style of your selected Texas Old Town venue, you can still take care to personalize different spaces with added decorations. When it comes to decorating your reception area, few pieces can be as important as the centerpieces you… Read more »

Creating An Amazing Outdoor Wedding Experience

Our outdoor wedding venues can provide a gorgeous space for you and your partner to exchange vows, say “I do,” and celebrate your union among the people you love! With an outdoor setting, you can create a visual space that stands apart from more conventional locations. The open space, along with the beauty of the… Read more »

What Kind Of Support Can Your Wedding Party Provide?

When you ask someone to join your wedding party, you are showing them how important they are in your life. While these roles are reserved for people who are particularly special to you, it also gives you a chance to ask people you trust to help make your wedding a success. This does not mean… Read more »

Make Sure You Check Out Our Bridal Fair On August 25!

Texas Old Town is proud to provide a beautiful space for couples who want to say “I do” while surrounded by a beautiful Texas Hill Country landscape. With that said, we take care to provide more than just a great setting for our guests – we also provide support to make wedding planning easier! On… Read more »

3 Good Opportunities To Surprise Your Guests With Treats

Throughout your wedding celebration, you can find opportunities to liven up your event with surprise refreshments, snacks, and tasty treats for your guests. The times you choose to share treats can be as important as the treats you select. For instance, if you want to give your guests an especially friendly welcome before your ceremony,… Read more »

Making Sure You Secure The Right Wedding Services

The support of friends and family can make your wedding planning considerably easier. With that said, you also need to know that you can depend on your wedding vendors to execute your wedding vision successfully. While professionals have considerably more experience with weddings than the people in your personal orbit, you need to make sure… Read more »

Making Time For Your Bouquet And Garter Toss

Your wedding at Texas Old Town can be an amazing experience for you and your guests, but it is almost certainly not the last wedding you will ever attend! In fact, your bouquet and garter tosses can give you a sneak preview for whose celebration you might attend next. While your guests may or may… Read more »

Should I Help Out Of Town Guests Find Somewhere To Stay?

You should appreciate every person who shows up to attend your wedding. After all, they are giving their time to help you celebrate your relationship, and many will provide gifts from your registry. While every attendee deserves your regard, you can be especially thankful for those guests who travel greater distances to be present on… Read more »

How Can We Encourage People To Dance At Our Reception?

As you plan your wedding reception, you can make sure your guests are well-fed, have access to a great drink selection, and provide quality entertainment for the night. A successful reception can depend on many things, but it can be hard to deny the fun of a celebration where the dance floor stays occupied! One… Read more »