3 Good Opportunities To Surprise Your Guests With Treats

Professional Photo By: Regalia Photography

Throughout your wedding celebration, you can find opportunities to liven up your event with surprise refreshments, snacks, and tasty treats for your guests. The times you choose to share treats can be as important as the treats you select. For instance, if you want to give your guests an especially friendly welcome before your ceremony, consider having beverages available for them upon their arrival. Hot drinks can warm people up to enjoy your winter wedding ceremony, while something cool – like lemonade – can feel wonderful during a summer wedding. These treats can be good for more than just the middle of your event, as special treats can work well as wedding favors your guests take home at the end of the night!

1. Before The Start Of Your Ceremony

While you will not be present to greet your guests as they start to trickle in, you can let them know you are thinking about them by offering refreshments before your ceremony starts. This can lift everyone’s spirits at the beginning of your celebration, and it can help keep everyone comfortable. In addition to using different refreshments to offset colder or warmer weather, you can offer snacks before a later wedding, as your reception may not start until well after people normally have dinner.

2. During An Informal “Cocktail Hour” Between Your Ceremony And Reception

Even if you take first look photos before your ceremony, you and your partner will need to pose for several pictures with your wedding photographer before your reception starts. So what will your guests do with themselves while you, your family, and your wedding party are tied up elsewhere? Many couples have found that a “cocktail hour” before the reception can be a big hit with people. You can ask your caterer about providing special appetizers, and you can have a limited number of drinks available for everyone to enjoy while they wait.

3. At The End Of Your Night

Rather than provide your guests with small, personalized items they are expected to hold onto for their wedding favors, you might want to try giving out treats instead! You can try cookies, popcorn, or even small bags of coffee for your guests. In addition to using treats as wedding favors, you can offer end-of-night snacks, or cups of coffee to help people stay alert as they drive home.

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