Celebrating In Style During A Smaller, More Intimate Wedding

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

You can enjoy a truly grand wedding celebration with a smaller guest list! In fact, many couples prefer to limit the invitations they send out. By hosting a smaller wedding event, you can find it easier to interact with your guests, and let them know how much their attendance means to you on your special day. You can also find that the smaller turnout can encourage everyone to relax and enjoy a more intimate and less formal experience. Because we have different venue options couples can choose from, you can select the right space for a smaller wedding.

Finding The Right Space To Enjoy A Smaller Wedding

It may be better to have too much space for guests than not enough, but you can be less than thrilled by the sense that your ceremony and reception settings seem to dwarf your turnout! A smaller wedding can feel more appropriate in a cozier space. While you can still have plenty of room to seat your guests, and let them move about, your more intimate venue can help you sustain a lively atmosphere, and limit the presence of awkward, unaddressed space. With that said, one thing to remember is that there is one portion of your reception area that should remain uncovered and unadorned – your dance floor! Even a smaller guest count can demand some breathing room, so guests can feel free to cut loose and have fun during your evening.

A Smaller Guest List Can Be Easier On Your Budget

Your preference for a smaller guest list can be all about the experience itself, and not your budget. With that said, you would have a hard time finding a couple who wishes their wedding had cost more! Food and beverage costs can be trimmed considerably when you have fewer guests to attend to at your wedding. This can free up room in your budget for more elaborate decorations, or help you cover different costs from working with other wedding vendors.

Keeping Your Smaller Wedding Reception Fun

With fewer people in attendance, you can be understandably concerned that your wedding reception might lack energy. You can avoid this with a few smart planning decisions. One thing to be mindful of is the effect that the right music can have on your reception. Hiring a DJ or live band can be important during any wedding event, but their role can be especially valuable if you want to make sure your night stays spirited. Even if guests are not taking to the dance floor, the right songs can help keep everyone’s moods up! You can also plan for alternatives to dancing with games, a photo booth, and other forms of entertainment that people might enjoy!

You Can Celebrate A Beautiful Smaller Wedding With Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town is ready to host a larger wedding, and we can be the ideal setting for a smaller celebration! To arrange a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.