Creating A Wedding Registry With Items You Really Want

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If you fill up your wedding registry with items that you think you should include, you can find yourself with several gifts you are less than thrilled to receive. For couples who are not looking for the traditional housewares, appliances for the kitchen, and other home-building gifts, it can make more sense to choose a less traditional registry, or drop the registry altogether. With that said, even a couple with traditional tastes can find themselves disappointed in the items they receive if their list is not cultivated properly. No matter how conventional or unconventional you may be, you owe it to yourself (and your partner) to give the question of what gifts you might want on your wedding day real consideration.

Try To See All Decorative Items In Person Before Requesting Them

Whenever possible, you should try to see the items you add to your registry before you add them. Online shopping has made the process of creating an accessible registry easier, but you may not love certain products when you see them in person. While this may not be a problem for a functional product, something like dishware or glassware should definitely be examined. You may find that their colors are not well-represented in an online profile, leaving you with something that disappoints you when you try to incorporate it into your home.

Your Registry Can Help You Replace Older Appliances

Because couples so often live together before their wedding, or live on their own, they can have all the appliances that they might need. However, your registry does create an opportunity for you to replace products that are cheap, in poor condition, or are less useful than they should be. While you may feel self-conscious about asking for products that seem nicer than what you have provided for yourself, remember that no one is forced to buy something on your registry, and that some of your guests will want an excuse to splurge a little to help you celebrate your special day.

Unsure About Traditional Registry Items? Consider Your Alternatives!

For some couples, the entire concept of the registry has little appeal. If you want to come up with a more useful alternative, consider swapping home goods for items with gift requests that will help you make the most of your honeymoon. You can set up a Honeyfund to receive direct donations, or select products that you might use while on your trip. Instead of asking for gifts or cash, you can instead select a charity and ask that people donate on the behalf of you and your partner in lieu of gifts.

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