Finding The Right Officiant For Your Ceremony

Professional Photo By: Okushi Photography

What should you do to make sure you have the right person to officiate your wedding ceremony? This person can play a significant role in your wedding day experience, and they can help capture the spirit of the love you and your partner share. For many couples, the right officiant will be one who can can perform a traditional ceremony, often someone who shares the couple’s faith. With that said, if you want to find an officiant who can lead a ceremony that feels like a closer reflection of your relationship, you may want to select someone you are close to on a personal level. Remember that anyone you choose should be prepared to confidently lead your ceremony, and make your moment at the altar feel truly special.

Finding Someone Who Can Capture The Spirit Of Your Relationship

There is one obvious qualification your officiant needs – they have to be ordained by the state to oversee your wedding. People with formal religious affiliations can be expected to meet this qualification, and they can have considerable practice at officiating ceremonies. If you want someone with experience in this role, you can check out our Preferred Vendors Page for possible officiants. However, you do also have the option of turning to someone you are connected to in your personal lives who can become ordained in time for your event.

Using A Friend Or Family Member As Your Officiant

Can you count on a friend or family member to become ordained, and serve as your officiant? Asking someone to take on this role is seen as a significant honor, as it makes them a prominent part of your wedding experience. With that said, this position should not be treated as a gesture of friendship alone – you should make sure the person you select is comfortable speaking in front of your guests!

What Should We Do For Our Vows?

Your officiant is not the only person with something to say during your ceremony. If you are already leaning away from a traditional officiant, you may also want to do something other than conventional vows. When you choose to recite personal vows, you can be specific about why this person you want to spend your life with is so special, and how much they mean to you. However, you should be prepared to put time into crafting what you want to say. If you do choose to go with custom vows, you do NOT have to feel obligated to recite them from memory. In fact, having your vows in writing can be recommended, as you may find that your nerves make it hard for you to recall what you hoped to say.

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