How Can We Encourage People To Dance At Our Reception?

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As you plan your wedding reception, you can make sure your guests are well-fed, have access to a great drink selection, and provide quality entertainment for the night. A successful reception can depend on many things, but it can be hard to deny the fun of a celebration where the dance floor stays occupied! One of the first things you can do to make sure this happens is simply to make sure you have room for everyone who might like to show off their moves. Because we have venues of varying sizes, we can make sure you have a space that can accommodate your guests, and their entertainment. One thing to remember is that some guests are just not comfortable on the dance floor – the other aspects of your reception can make sure they still have a wonderful time!

Having The Right Music For Your Wedding Reception

If you want people to dance, then you should certainly take some time to think about how to ensure there is great music at your wedding reception! Couples who attempt to save money by providing their own music – often through a streaming service – can feel let down by their experience. While the internet has given us access to an incredible number of songs, this arrangement can give you little control over the room. You will either have to have someone rush over and change songs when you want to shift the mood in the room, or you will be resigned to whatever plays at a given time. Hiring a DJ or live band can be better for dancing, as it can help to have someone who can change things up whenever they feel the energy in your reception dipping.

Making Space For Your Dance Floor At Your Reception

If you expect a packed dance floor, make sure the space you set aside can accommodate everyone! Remember that you are not likely to see everyone on the floor at once, but try to set up enough space so several groups have room to move at one time.

Other Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Reception

For guests who rarely hit the dance floor, you can find many other ways to keep them entertained. You can set up a photo booth to let them take pictures, or host games outside. Of course, for many people, having the opportunity to mingle with friends and family, while enjoying cake, can be all the support they need to have a great time.

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