Making Style Choices To Complete Your Wedding Look

Professional Photo By: Amanda Hoffman Art

While selecting the perfect bridal gown is crucial to creating your wedding look, this is not the only style choice you need to make before you walk down the aisle! To complete your look, you can seek out accessories that complement your dress, and find vendors who can take great care of your hair and makeup needs. You should also start thinking about what you want in the bouquet you carry . Rather than think of these as more pre-wedding responsibilities, think of these tasks as opportunities to create a truly singular bridal look! With the right selections, you can stun your guests – and your partner – when you make your appearance at the ceremony.

Picking A Bouquet To Carry Down The Aisle

A bouquet is (probably) not part of your typical dress accessories. With that said, a bride carrying a bouquet is a popular custom, and the right floral arrangement can help tie your appearance to your overall wedding theme. You can look to other floral arrangements at your wedding, and your chosen wedding colors, for guidance as you build your bouquet. If you worry about having an arrangement that is too drab, you can feel free to sneak in some surprising colors to help it pop! If you want your bouquet to fit in with the verdant landscape of our Texas Hill Country setting, ask you florist about working greenery into your bouquet.

Deciding What Accessories You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Add

How much jewelry does a bride really need? The answer can depend on the dress you select – if you have a more elaborate dress, anything more than modest jewelry can feel like a waste. However, if you choose a more elegant gown, an eye-catching piece can have a terrific effect on how you look. One thing to consider is how your wedding look might hide certain pieces. For example, a higher neckline with a more ornate style might cause a necklace to effectively disappear. If you wear your hair up, put more thought into the earrings you wish to wear for your walk down the aisle.

Making Style Choices For The Wedding Party

When it comes to your bridesmaids, you are responsible for one of their biggest decisions – what dress to wear. For a more laid-back wedding, you can simply recommend a particular color, or style of dress, and let people choose within those parameters. Even if you want to give your bridesmaids more freedom regarding how they look, make sure they have a clear idea in mind. Even with hair and makeup stylists, indecision on the day itself can slow down your preparations!

You Can Look Amazing At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

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