Should I Help Out Of Town Guests Find Somewhere To Stay?

Professional Photo By: April Mae Creative

You should appreciate every person who shows up to attend your wedding. After all, they are giving their time to help you celebrate your relationship, and many will provide gifts from your registry. While every attendee deserves your regard, you can be especially thankful for those guests who travel greater distances to be present on your special day. To make their travels easier, you can look for hotel rooms to recommend, or even contact nearby locations about group discount rates if you expect multiple people to need a place for the night. While this may not be a mandatory effort, it can be one that is warmly received by out of town guests!

You Should Show Out Of Town Guests That You Appreciate Their Presence

While all of your guests are giving up something – even if that “something” is just a Saturday evening – to be at your wedding, guests who travel typically have to make more arrangements than others. They can require time off from work, and face transportation costs, issues that others will not have. You should try to make every guest feel special for being present on your big day, these efforts should be recognized by you and your partner as significant.

Looking For A Hotel To Recommend To Guests

We do offer lodging recommendations on our Preferred Vendors page, so you can look for a nearby hotel that can accommodate your out of town guests. If you have several groups in need of a place to stay, or if you have any guests who might want to make a night of your evening and secure a hotel room, you can look for possible deals by securing a block of room rentals. With that said, you may find that travelers already have plans for a place to stay in place, particularly if these guests have family who live in the area.

Consider Welcoming Your Out Of Town Guests To Your Rehearsal Dinner

One nice thing you can do for out of town guests is help keep them occupied before the day of your wedding itself. Couples can create a special lunch or dinner for traveling guests, or include these people in their rehearsal dinner plans. By welcoming them to your rehearsal dinner, you can feed, them, give them a nice way to spend an evening before the wedding itself, and give them a head start on meeting people who will be at your ceremony and reception!

Texas Old Town Can Help You Create A Great Experience For All Of Your Guests!

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