Should You Make Plans To Decorate Your Altar?

Professional Photo By: Okushi Photography

How important are the decorations at your altar? When you and your partner stand in front of everyone, you can safely expect your guests’ eyes to be focused more on the two of you than on the surrounding space. With that said, the right decorations can frame you both beautifully, and create a magical scene for everyone in attendance. The look of your altar can also help create some truly magical photographs that you will want to preserve. With the natural beauty of our Texas Hill Country landscapes, your outdoor wedding ceremony venue can be decidedly lovely on its own. Adding a few pieces to your altar space can help elevate the space, and create a breathtaking visual!

Select Decorations That Create A Framing Effect Around You And Your Partner

Decorations that help frame the happy couple are popular, as they can add to the picturesque quality of your setting. You can use a rustic arch, or one adorned with greenery to help create a sense of natural, earthy charm. You can also use columns at either side to create a subtler framing effect. These decorations can make for a great image, and there is no concern that these features will be blocked by the bride and groom!

Creating A Special Backdrop At Your Altar

Adding decorations behind the bride and groom can be an attractive feature. However, you may want to keep these decorations subtle. One issue with a backdrop is it can take up too much space, and interfere with the natural landscape that you can enjoy featuring. You might want to consider having something floral behind you, to both complement your setting, and set your wedding apart from other couples who have stood at the same altar!

Your Outdoor Setting Can Do Most Of The Work In Beautifying Your Ceremony!

While there are several reasons couples choose to wed at an outdoor venue, it can be hard to argue with the visual splendor of your lush surroundings! After exploring your ceremony space, you can find that your decorating needs at the altar, or for your aisle, are minimal. Select additions can have a great effect, and the right features can help you create a more formal atmosphere, even in your outdoor setting. If you want to have a more rustic or laid-back wedding, you might find that a conservative decorating style for your ceremony space helps you capture the spirit of your special day!

Texas Old Town Can Help You Plan A Gorgeous Wedding Experience!

At Texas Old Town, you can find that your ceremony and reception spaces are ideal for your dream wedding experience! In addition to offering a setting nestled in beautiful Texas Hill Country, we provide amenities that can make the wedding day itself easier than you might think possible. For more information, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.