Trying To Pick Your Wedding Colors? These Tips Can Help!

Professional Photo By: Regalia Photography

Few choices will shape the look of your wedding quite like your selection of wedding colors. The different colors you choose to highlight in your decorations can affect the formality of your decorations, and they can heavily influence the theme of your evening. If you want to create a cozy, autumnal vibe, rich red and orange hues can help. Are you interested in creating a fun, vibrant event? Bright and bold colors can be perfect for your occasion! With that said, you may be unsure of what you want to do for your wedding theme. In this instance, looking to the colors you love can help you work your way towards a cohesive design plan for your wedding decorations!

1. Think About The Colors Of Your Favorite Flowers

If you are struggling to choose your wedding colors, think about your favorite flowers. When you begin creating floral arrangements, and imagining your ideal wedding bouquet, consider what colors stand out. You do not have to borrow every color featured in your floral designs, but this can help you start imagining the influence that you want your colors to have on your special day.

2. Take Inspiration From Your Bridesmaid Dresses

If you have a look in mind for your bridesmaid dresses, consider making the color of these gowns a part of your color scheme for your decorations. This will tie their look to your event, and it can help you commit to at least one shade as you start looking for decorations. The intensity of your preferred bridesmaid dress color can help you determine if you want louder and bolder hues, or an event that feels more subdued.

3. Think About How Your Favorite Colors Might Work In Your Venue Space

When you explore our venue spaces on a tour, you can start thinking about how color will impact your wedding look. Our Texas Hill Country will provide plenty of rich greenery around your ceremony, but you should also think about how different colors might look inside your reception area. In order to gain a clearer idea of what you want, consider bringing different items that help you picture the effect your favorite colors might have when they are in areas that you intend to decorate.

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