What To Consider When Thinking About Your Wedding Favors

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

Your Texas Old Town wedding can provide your guests with an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and a fun-filled reception! While your special day can certainly deliver great memories, a tasty meal, and opportunities for entertainment, your wedding favors let you give physical reminders of your wedding to those in attendance. While your favors do not need to be elaborate, or prohibitively expensive, it should be clear that you put real thought into them. To help connect the favors to the day itself, many couples will provide personalized items that commemorate the event, and the date. You can also choose to offer guests something practical – for instance, personalized fans can be greatly appreciated by guests who want to keep cool during an outdoor ceremony!

Offering Something People Can Use During The Wedding

While favors can be distributed closer to the end of your evening, you may find that your favors are better for the start of your event. If your wedding is taking place during the daytime, you can offer personalized sunglasses for people when they arrive. For single guests who want to mingle, tins of mints can certainly come in handy. Combining items like these with refreshments before the ceremony can help you start your wedding on a high note!

Personalizing Your Favors

Many companies that sell wedding favors will make items easy to personalize with your initials, and details about your wedding. This touch is a popular one, as many couples want to help connect their favors to the wedding itself. You do not need to be elaborate with the details you place – the date of your wedding, along with your names, can be all the detail you need. Make sure you look at an example of how an item will look when personalized before committing to anything.

Providing Treats For Your Favors

Rather than giving guests something they will keep, you can consider offering up wedding favors that are meant to be consumed. Small bags of coffee, popcorn, and other treats can be fun for people to take with them at the end of the night. While many guests may be hesitant to eat anything else after dinner and the wedding cake, having something tasty to enjoy the next day can certainly be a welcome gesture!

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