3 Strategies To Help Bring People To The Dance Floor

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

There is certainly more to a successful wedding reception than an active dance floor. With that said, a festive atmosphere where plenty of people are showing off their moves can help you end your night in style! As with any successful party, a reception calls for some smart planning. In addition to making sure your space looks amazing, your dinner is a success, and that your favorite wedding traditions are honored, you should put some thought into how you can encourage dancing. Implementing some clever strategies can pay off in the form of a celebratory shindig your friends and family will remember fondly!

1. Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Space Available For Dancing

It is important to make space for your dance floor as you work on the ideal layout for your reception space. Because we have venues of different sizes, we can provide you with a location that offers ample room for dancing. You should make sure that the area is easy to access, and highly visible. The visibility of the space can be key, as guests who are on the fence about dancing can have a harder time staying away when they see other people having fun.

2. Rely On A Professional DJ Or Live Band For Your Music

While a dance floor can be important if you want people to bust a move at your reception, the presence of music is obviously crucial. What you should keep in mind is that the music selection, and variety, can have a significant influence on whether or not people want to cut loose. While it might look like a cost-saving opportunity to skip the DJ or live band, and just play from a track list on someone’s phone, this decision can drag down your night. People with backgrounds in wedding entertainment can have sharper insights when it comes to playing the right hits at the right time. They can also monitor the energy levels of the room and make adjustments to their choices in order to best serve your guests.

3. Provide Dance Flats For Wedding Guests In Heels

Someone who normally loves to dance might limit themselves, or stay off the floor completely, because of uncomfortable footwear. Heels are popular wedding attire, but they can become uncomfortable, especially when someone is active. Dance flats can be a fun and welcome solution to this problem! Placing out an assortment of flats that your guests can take will make it easier for people who lack alternative footwear to make the most of their night, and it can be a subtle reminder that you want to see your friends and family out on the dance floor!

A Texas Old Town Wedding Can Put You In The Mood To Dance The Night Away!

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