3 Things To Consider When Planning Your Reception Dinner

Professional Photo By: Ashley Nicole Affair

Your reception dinner can be a great evening for you and your brand new spouse, and for all of your guests. Bringing the people you love together gives you an opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you, and it lets you bring your two families together for a night. Your reception dinner can also be one of the more involved aspects of your wedding that you have to plan. After all, you have to look for just the right caterer, come up with your ideal menu, and work out the details of seating and serving. Fortunately, the right approach to planning can lead to great success with your wedding reception!

1. Look For A Caterer With Meal Options That Truly Excite You

How do you put together a menu that satisfies everyone in attendance at your wedding? The first thing you should do is select dining choices that can satisfy you and your partner! Different catering companies can provide many options that are popular at large events, and give you options for guests with special diet needs. If you want to find something different, and surprise your guests, talk to restaurants that you and your partner love! You may be surprised at how many restaurants have catering options available.

2. Think About How You Want To Serve Your Guests

What you serve is certainly important, but you should also think about how your reception meal should be served. If your guest list is particularly long, a buffet style dinner may lead to delays as everyone moves through the line to put together their plates. For these events, you may be better off paying for servers to bring plates to people. For a smaller wedding, a buffet can make matters easier by reducing the staff you need for serving, and allowing people to decide on what they want at the event itself, instead of asking people to send you their meal preferences.

3. Should You Offer Snacks Or Refreshments Before Your Reception Dinner?

While guests can expect to receive food and drinks during your reception dinner, you can surprise them with snacks and refreshments before this part of your evening. For a later wedding, snacks before the ceremony can help people stay comfortable until dinner is served. You can also provide refreshments during a cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception, so they are more likely to wait patiently for you and your family to take your wedding photos.

You Can Host A Great Reception Dinner Experience At Texas Old Town

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