Create A Wonderful Fall Or Winter Wedding Experience

Professional Photo By: Urban Grey Photography

While some couples choose a wedding date with personal significance, you can find that choosing a specific time of year can help you come up with creative plans for your celebration. Choosing a wedding date during the fall or winter months can encourage you to make different style choices, and to come up with food and refreshment options your guests may not expect! Because the spring and summer months are often thought of as the traditional “wedding season,” these dates can go overlooked. When you plan a fall or winter wedding, you can defy expectations and create a celebration that feels unique! You can also find that talented wedding vendors have more availability during these periods.

Take Advantage Of Seasonal Changes To The Landscape

When you plan an outdoor wedding ceremony, you can count on the landscape to create your ideal atmosphere. With a fall or winter wedding, changes to the sky and foliage can help you take advantage of different colors, and different daylight hours. Because of this, you can use different decorations, and create an atmosphere that stands apart from more conventional outdoor events. You can also encourage more formal attire during your event, as the weather is likely going to be cooler, making layers more acceptable.

Let The Season Influence Your Wedding Decorations

When are your favorite flowers in bloom? If you host a fall or winter wedding, you can look at different floral designs that feature less familiar flowers, and unexpected colors. Of course, you can change more than just the flowers when it comes to your wedding decorating. You can let the season inspire your wedding colors. If you want to do something that feels appropriately autumnal in the fall, look for rich reds and oranges that can be calming, but still vibrant. You can use cool tones during a winter wedding to create an elegant experience, or decorate against the season and produce a feeling of escape from the chilly outdoors.

Providing Food And Beverages That Suit The Season

Warming foods and drinks may feel out of place in a spring or summer wedding, but they can be popular items at a fall or winter wedding! When you meet with caterers, or look through your different drink options, consider what items might be especially nourishing. For an added treat your guests can enjoy, consider providing hot beverages like coffee or cocoa at the beginning or end of your event.

Texas Old Town Can Provide A Wonderful Setting For A Fall Or Winter Wedding

At Texas Old Town, you can find that our Texas Hill Country landscapes make great locations for fall and winter weddings! Our premiere Austin wedding venue – conveniently located near San Marcos and San Antonio – can also be a great spot for corporate events and other special events. To arrange a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.