Creating A Great Dessert Table For Your Wedding Reception

Professional Photo By: Okushi Photography

Between your ceremony and reception, you can give your guests plenty to marvel over at a Texas Old Town wedding. People can admire the natural beauty of your outdoor ceremony, and you can arrange your decorations to create a reception experience that ideally suits your personality. Of course, for some guests, few sights at your reception will be as welcome as the dessert table. While the tiered cake is still expected, couples have wowed their attendees with an array of different dessert options. You can provide a creative groom’s cake that delivers a different flavor experience, or provide a buffet-style table with many different treats to choose from through the night.

You Can Offer Your Guests More Than Just Cake

You can let your guests eat more than just cake at your wedding reception! Many couples have found that a more elaborate dessert table, with a variety of treats, can be a big hit with guests. This can be a particularly exciting addition to your event if you encourage guests to bring their kids to the wedding. While it might be tempting to reduce the amount of cake you provide at your event in response to these extra features, you should be careful not to provide too little, and turn away guests who never get to try your wedding cake.

Creating A Cake Alternative With The Groom’s Cake

The conventional groom’s cake can stand apart at your wedding. Instead of going with the surrounding decorations, a groom’s cake can be dressed up to reflect the groom’s personality or interests. With that said, this is about more than just including a visually interesting treat at your reception. Having this cake on hand will allow you to provide a second cake flavor for your guests to enjoy!

Offering Coffee With Your Desserts

No matter how wonderful it is, your wedding must come to an end at some point. You can wrap up your wedding reception on a high note by providing hot coffee with your desserts. The coffee-dessert pairing is a popular one, but this is about more than just flavor. Offering caffeine at the end of a long night can be appreciated by your guests who have to drive home.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Create An Amazing Wedding Reception Experience

Texas Old Town is ready to provide guests with a wonderful wedding experience! With your spacious reception area, you can arrange and decorate a lovely – and tempting – dessert table! Our premiere Austin wedding venue is proud to help couples share their vows in style. Our location is conveniently near San Antonio and San Marcos, and we are also ready to provide space for a corporate event or other special event. If you would like more information, or if you want to plan a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call us today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.