Finding Small Ways To Make Your Ceremony Feel Magical

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

The act of standing at the altar and sharing vows with your partner can certainly feel magical. With our splendid outdoor venues, you can rely on our Texas Hill Country landscape to add to the moment, and create a truly unforgettable experience. Of course, as with any special moment, the small details can be significant, or even crucial, to your ceremony. While the right decorations can set the mood of your event, this is only one feature of your wedding ceremony that can influence how people experience the moment you create a formal union with your partner. Your music choices, your vows, and even a few special additions to your procession can add to the magic of your event.

Think About Your Music Selection For Your Walk Down The Aisle

Couples who want to plan a traditional wedding can prefer conventional music for their procession. While you may want to select something familiar for your music, you can add to the experience by having musicians on hand to play your procession live. This can be an unexpected treat, and add a welcome degree of formality to a traditional wedding experience. If you and your partner want to stray from conventional choices, you may want to feature more modern music selections for your procession. For a musical experience that merges tradition and modernity, you can hire live musicians to play renditions of familiar pieces – for instance, you can have a string ensemble on hand to perform an instrumental version of one of your favorite love songs.

Reciting Your Own Vows

When you and your partner recite your own vows, you can allow people to glimpse what makes your relationship special. After all, this is your opportunity to say what makes your partner so special to you, and to talk about your experiences that led you to the altar. You can make your words purely sentimental, or add moments of humor that your audience can enjoy. One thing to keep in mind is that you and your partner should be on the same page with your vows. While the two of you do not have to share what you wrote, giving each other guidelines on how long your vows will be, and their tone, can help you avoid any awkward situations.

Including A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl During Your Procession

While some couples prefer not to include a ring bearer and flower girl at their ceremony, this traditional moment can be popular with friends and family on hand. This can be one of the cutest moments during your ceremony, and the unpredictability of these youngsters can lead to unexpectedly charming moments for everyone to enjoy.

Celebrate A Magical Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town

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