Should You Commit To DIY Wedding Decorations?

Professional Photo By: Amanda Hoffman Art

Creating your own decorations for your wedding can ensure that your pieces look exactly the way you want. Of course, DIY weddings are beneficial to more than just people with specific tastes. Many creative brides-to-be love taking on projects because they can show off their skills, and bring a little of their personality into their ceremony and reception spaces. Of course, before you decide to dive into a DIY wedding experience, there are several considerations you should make. Even seemingly simple projects can prove surprisingly difficult. If you are not properly prepared, they can also become more costly, or more time-consuming, than you anticipate.

DIY Wedding Decorations Allow You To Show Off Your Creativity And Style

Simply put, the DIY wedding experience lets you make your event more personal, and helps you add an extra touch of authenticity to a rustic wedding experience. They also let you put your crafting talents on display! You can be happy to hear that your “DIY wedding” does NOT have to be entirely done by you. Certain tasks, like catering, can call for far more work than a couple is prepared to handle on their own on top of all other planning responsibilities. Ultimately, you should see DIY efforts as a spotlight for your talents, and not an obligation to fulfill every role of preparing for your special day.

Make Sure You Have Time To Complete DIY Tasks

Even seemingly simple wedding planning tasks can call for more time than you might expect. If you choose to create centerpieces, decorations for your aisle, or other pieces, give yourself time to spare when you begin working. Finding yourself with several pieces left to make with your wedding days away can cause understandable concern. This experience can be especially stressful if you have to go through the work of remaking certain items that did not turn out the way you hoped they would. It should be noted that if you are decorating with live flowers, you will have to start close to your wedding date to ensure that they are still healthy when you need them.

Asking Your Bridal Party For Help Crafting Decorations

If you feel like your DIY work is more than one person can comfortably handle, you can certainly ask your bridesmaids for help! Setting aside time for craft making can even become an extra pre-wedding event for everyone to join. However, be careful about asking for help with projects that are too ambitious, or too difficult, as your bridesmaids may be unprepared to provide the support you are after.

Your DIY Decorations Can Look Wonderful At Your Texas Old Town Wedding

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