Should You Schedule Your Wedding For A Friday Evening?

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While Saturday is often the day of the week people select for their wedding, you can certainly select a different date. In fact, you might find that moving your wedding away from Saturday has unexpected benefits, and helps you plan your ideal celebration. Many couples have discovered that hosting a Friday evening wedding can help them create the atmosphere they want for their special day, while also making some aspects of planning easier. You may find that vendors have more availability on these evenings, and may even offer discounted rates. You can also find that with advanced notice, even guests who are traveling to attend your wedding can arrive without trouble.

A Friday Wedding Can Offer Planning Advantages

Will choosing a less traditional wedding date make your planning more difficult? While unconventional choices can make some couples nervous, those who commit to Friday weddings can quickly discover that their decision offers certain surprising advantages! Because this is a less common choice, you can have an easier time arranging services, and finding a location. This benefit can be particularly helpful to those who have less time to plan their celebration. Moving to Friday can also necessitate a wedding later in the evening – by pushing back your start time, you can find that you have an easier time creating a formal atmosphere.

An Evening Wedding Can Create A More Formal Atmosphere

A wedding that extends later into the evening can feel more formal. After all, your guests can look forward to a fine dining experience in the evening, along with drinks and dancing at night – in other words, the sort of experience they might have on an especially fancy date! The later hour can also affect the natural light around your ceremony, making it feel more secluded and intimate.

Finding Vendors For A Friday Wedding

Because good vendors tend to have good reputations, they can stay in demand throughout the year, making it difficult to secure their services. If you opt to host a wedding on Friday evening, you are working with a portion of the calendar that even seasoned vendors can have trouble filling. As a result, they can be more readily available, and may even offer their services at a discount. If you are still searching for certain vendors, make sure you check out our Preferred Vendors page, which has recommendations that can help you enjoy an amazing wedding experience!

Plan A Great Friday Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town

At Texas Old Town, couples who want to host a Friday evening wedding can enjoy a wonderful setting for a magical wedding experience! We are excited to make our Texas Hill Country setting available to you, and we can provide amenities and support that make planning your celebration easier. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.