These Tips Can Ensure Everyone Looks Their Best At The Altar

Professional Photo By: Matt Montalvo Photography

You want your wedding ceremony and reception spaces to look amazing for your wedding, and you want to look your best, too. Because Texas Old Town provides access to bridal and groom suites as part of our standard amenities package, you can also have an easier time planning your day so that everyone in your wedding party looks amazing as well! You can count on having the space, and ample time, for everyone to dress at our venue. Having this space, and the right support on hand, can make it easy for everyone to be prepared to join you at the altar when your guests arrive!

Invite Your Bridal Party To Prepare At Our Bridal Suite

Having a designated space where everyone can dress, and have their hair and makeup done, can make it easier to make certain that everyone is ready to walk down the aisle before your ceremony starts. We give all of our guests access to suites, which makes preparations easier. Bringing everyone together can help you keep on track with time, but it can also create fun photo opportunities, as well as one last chance for everyone to gather together and bond before your event officially begins.

Make Sure You Have Enough Hair And Makeup Professionals For Everyone On Your Wedding Day

If you have a larger bridal party, you should think seriously about the number of hair and makeup stylists you want on hand in the hours before your wedding day. Delays can be hard to avoid during this preparatory period – someone may run late, or it may be difficult to complete someone’s look. Have enough stylists can ensure that everyone is ready with time to spare, so problems you encounter do not necessarily undermine your start time!

Ask The Guys To Arrive Early And Help With Decorating

The guys in the groom’s party typically need less time to dress before the ceremony. Does this mean that they are free to go about their day until the event begins? While you can let them have their fun, groomsmen are typically expected to be on hand before the event begins to dress, and also to provide support with the setup of your ceremony and reception decorations. This keeps them accounted for, prevents a late arrival from interfering with your event, and ensures that day-of matters are being addressed while you and your bridesmaids are dressing and being styled.

Everyone In Your Wedding Can Look Amazing At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

Texas Old Town can provide you with a beautiful space for your beautiful celebration! We provide great amenities in addition to wonderful settings for your ceremony and reception, which can make it easier for you to love every moment of your wedding day. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 orĀ complete our online contact form.