Tips To Help Create Your Seating Chart For Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

The process of preparing for your wedding reception can call for many important decisions. You will have to think about what food to serve, and how to serve it. You will also want to take time to consider how to extend the style choices from your ceremony into the reception, to keep the theme of your event consistent. Of course, you will also have to take some time to put together a seating chart. While you will not be able to finalize a chart until your RSVP’s have all come in, you should think about how to arrange everyone before this point. Creating a plan for how you should arrange everyone can make it easier to complete your chart, and give you a ready response when you face tricky questions concerning who should be placed where.

Do I Really Need A Seating Chart For My Reception?

In some cases, couples can safely skip the seating chart. With that said, this is far from the case in every instance, and going without can lead to frustrating complications. If you are planning a small wedding, and plan on offering up your dinner buffet-style, you can have an easier time forgoing the use of a seating chart. However, if you have a larger number of guests attending, or if you are serving plated meals, sticking to a chart can make your night notably easier.

Should I Avoid Seating People Near Unfamiliar Faces?

While weddings are social events, some of your guests can be more eager to catch up with old friends or family members than to meet new people. You can be less concerned about seating guests with dates at tables with unfamiliar people, but it can be more difficult fitting in single guests. While it might be tempting to play matchmaker with your seating chart, try to put people among those they know. If you have guests who lack ties to others in attendance, do your best to place them with people they seem more likely to bond with.

Working Kids Into Your Seating Chart

If you have guests bringing kids, creating a child-friendly area be tempting, but they may be a little too excited to make new friends, and become disruptive. The parents in attendance can also suspect that they are being set aside from the rest of your guests. This does not mean you have to disperse them throughout the different tables! Feel free to keep your youngest guests close to each other, while working in the adult guests. If you are nervous about pairing child-free guests with families, look to keep those guests with family members.

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