When Should I Start The Search For My Bridal Gown?

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The search for your wedding dress is an important part of wedding planning experience, and it can be intimidating for some brides-to-be. After all, you can expect to have all eyes on you when you walk down the aisle in your gown, and you want to select something truly unforgettable. Of course, it is common for the “right” dress to be a less than ideal fit…at first. Because gowns typically go through at least one alteration before the wedding day, your goal should be to find yours months before your celebration date. If you are concerned about indecision, having a few people you trust with you while shopping can make deciding easier, but be careful about letting too many people in on the experience, or bringing someone who might be too negative.

Make Sure You Have Time To Have Your Dress Altered!

You should expect to need alterations done on your dress, and you may need to allot time for multiple alterations and fittings. Brides who want to be prepared for this should try to have a dress picked out with at least eight months before their wedding date. With this longer time window, you can ensure that the right adjustments are made. With that said, make sure your final fitting takes place close to the wedding day – after all, a change in your size in the months leading up to the wedding might change your dress fit.

Who Should Join Me During My Dress Shopping Trips?

Brides often visit dress shops with a small number of people. The mother of the bride can be part of the shopping experience, as well as the maid or matron of honor. With a few trusted people offering feedback, you can have an easier time committing to a particular dress. What you should be careful about is letting in too many people, or the wrong people. Too many people can make it hard to form a consensus. If you have someone who is particularly negative, or just has a drastically different sense of style from you, their feedback can make a decision harder to reach.

Make Sure You Also Take The Time To Select A Dress For Your Bridesmaids

Remember that you are not the only person who needs to have a particular dress for the wedding! Give your bridesmaids as much time as possible to secure their gowns, and go through any alterations they need. This can be less time-consuming than a search for a bridal gown, but you should try to give them up to six months to make a purchase.

You Can Look Gorgeous In Your Gown At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

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