3 Things To Do During Your Venue Visit And Tour

Professional Photo By: Lucille Photo

Without the right wedding venue, your wedding vision can be incredibly difficult to execute. Beyond providing you with a beautiful space to say “I do,” the right venue can make your day easier by providing important amenities, and offer up enough space for everyone to be comfortable. Texas Old Town has several venue options for couples to choose from, which can make it easier to find a space that is the right size. Every option you can select from will feature a gorgeous view of our Texas Hill Country setting, and include our generous amenities package. If you are looking for extra help, we can even talk to you about using our All-Inclusive Wedding Package to make your special day even easier to celebrate!

1. Make Sure Your Venue Space Can Hold All Of Your Guests

The perfect space is only perfect when all of your guests can be accommodated and entertained for your ceremony and reception. If you have a larger guest list, you should certainly be concerned with how you will be able to make space for everyone on your special day. With that said, a smaller guest list can still call for some special consideration. If you have a space that is too large for your attendees, you can have a hard time avoiding a situation where your setting feels empty. We can make sure you see a venue designed to hold a wedding of your expected size, so you can have the best possible time with friends and family!

2. Start Thinking About How Your Wedding Colors And Decorative Pieces Will Look

You should have some idea of how formal your wedding will be, how elaborate your decorations will be, and what colors you would like to feature. With these decisions in place, you can have an easier idea of how your wedding look will fit with your venue. To further take in a feel for your space, you can use images from your phone to compare how colors and decorative pieces feel in a particular space.

3. Check Out The Different Amenities Available To You

Texas Old Town believes in more than just providing a beautiful space – couples can also count on support through generous amenities. Both halves of the wedding party will have space to dress on the day itself, as we offer a bridal suite and groom’s suite. You can also enjoy sixteen hours of access to your chosen venue, so you have ample time to make sure everything is in place. Your wedding vendors can have an easier time, too, as we have built-in spaces for food preparation and bar service.

Texas Old Town Provides An Amazing Wedding Location For Happy Couples!

When you visit Texas Old Town, you can encounter a stunning outdoor setting for your wedding ceremony, and great indoor spaces for an amazing reception experience! We are proud to serve couples as a premiere Austin wedding location, and we are also ready to host corporate events or other special events. To schedule your tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, please us today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.