Choosing The Right Season For Your Wedding Day

Professional Photo By: Holly Marie Photography

How can you be sure that a certain wedding date is the right one for you? If you are struggling to pick a spot on the calendar for your special day, you may need to broaden your search a bit. While many people feel that they need to wed in the spring or summer seasons, you can enjoy a successful celebration at any time of year! In fact, choosing to host a fall or winter wedding over a wedding that might be considered “in season” can offer advantages that couples tend to overlook. Our venue spaces provide beautiful backdrops for wedding celebrations all year long, and we are happy to discuss less traditional wedding dates with you.

You Can Look For A Date Outside Of The Traditional Wedding Season

Couples sometimes feel stuck on the idea that their wedding must occur in the spring or summer out of tradition. This can leave you in an awkward situation where your engagement period feels either too long, or too short. You can also have a more difficult time securing all of the vendors you want, simply because there is more demand for their services on popular dates. Opening up the calendar to look for a less conventional date can make your planning efforts easier, and unlock creative choices that help your wedding stand apart from other events.

Benefits Of A Non-Traditional Wedding Date

Vendors who tend to stay busy can be easier to hire when you make a less conventional choice for your wedding date. In fact, if you choose a time of year when vendors have trouble securing work, you may be able to find people at discounted rates! You can also make travel arrangements cheaper for out of town guests by choosing a less common date for your special day.

The Connection Between Your Wedding Look And Your Wedding Date

A fall or winter wedding can have a look that stands apart from celebrations people are familiar with. The natural changes to our Texas Hill Country landscape can create a beautiful atmosphere for your ceremony, and the different season means that different flowers will be in bloom when you plan floral arrangements. If you want to host a formal wedding event, the winter season can encourage warmer fashions that can feel more appropriate for your occasion.

Texas Old Town Can Host A Wonderful Wedding At Any Season!

At any time of year, Texas Old Town offers the right location, and the right amenities, to help you enjoy a successful wedding experience! We are proud to provide a premiere Austin wedding experience, and we provide a location that is conveniently close to San Marcos and San Antonio. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.