Creating An Amazing Theme Wedding Experience

Professional Photo By: Dawn Elizabeth Studios

Planning the look of your wedding can be easier when you have a color scheme or specific style to guide your choices. For some weddings, an unifying idea can be subtle, but other couples can choose to host a wedding experience that boldly commits to its influences. Creating a theme wedding experience can help you avoid a generic approach to decoration, and it can help you put more of your personal style into your celebration. There is no specific direction a theme wedding has to take – you can go with something more elaborate, something elegant, or make the choice to create a more rustic wedding experience. Committing to your style can help you decide the look of your ceremony and reception areas, determine what your wedding party members will wear, and communicate your style preferences to wedding vendors!

How Obvious Should I Make My Wedding Theme?

Theme weddings take many forms, and there is no “correct” approach you have to worry about living up to as you plan your event. It is up to you if you want you theme to be subtle, or if you choose to make your style absolutely clear. With that said, a “theme wedding” tends to have a more specific reference point than your choice of colors, or how formal or informal you choose to be. While you do not have to be obvious about your theme, people may not accept that a generic style principle really counts as a theme wedding.

Building Your Theme Around The Season When Your Wedding Occurs

Because we offer beautiful outdoor ceremony spaces for couples, you can have great success building your theme around the season when your event takes place. This can be especially beneficial to people who host fall or winter weddings. Because these seasons tend to have fewer weddings, color and style choices that pay tribute to these times of year can stand out more.

Fitting DIY Decorations Into Your Theme Wedding

If you want to host a rustic or homespun wedding, DIY decorations can have a big impact on the style of your event. You can fit in pieces that are handmade, or repurpose common items to create a charming style for your wedding day. Be careful not to commit to more than you can comfortably take on – as the day of your wedding approaches, unfinished pieces can cause significant stress.

Texas Old Town Is A Great Location For Theme Weddings!

At Texas Old Town, couples can enjoy a premiere Austin wedding experience, as they say “I do” while surrounded by a gorgeous Texas Hill Country landscape. If you are looking for a place to host a theme wedding, or if you are planning a more traditional celebration, we can provide the perfect setting, and great amenities to make your special day easier. To plan a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.